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A Collusion Conclusion


The add-on has progressed significantly since our last updates in January. From the previous post, our visualizations have been pushed further and we made collaborative efforts to develop the browsing history & web tracking hypothesis to what has evolved and referred to as the clock visualization. Our focus was to develop this concept further and being accompanied with a simple metrics visual to be shared from the interface. The developers have been working hard to push add-on updates, improve the structure of how data is collected and make changes to the interface that houses the various visualizations views that are included now.

Collusion: Final thoughts


Since the last blog post much have happened to the Collusion Plugin. The visualizations have developed, the developers at Mozilla have further implemented these ones into the current add-on, and the Collusion plugin and progress was presented to invited people at an event hosted by The Mozilla Foundation.

The last few months at Mozilla went to further develop the “clock visualization” initially started by Sabrina Ng. New iterations were developed to see how the trackers could be portrayed in a horizontal manner, rather than a vertical one, in order to deal with the complexity and amount of information displayed.


During the last weeks I have also collected raw data and started making visualizations in Microsoft Excel. These visualizations aimed at helping the research and give a clear image of where the intensity of data could be found and how we could deal with that. The representation is based on real data and I hope it could be useful in the further development of the add-on.

Collusion UI: then and now


Since we last posted in January, the Collusion Visualization team has been focusing on refining the visualization concepts we developed out of the three hypotheses. Of the three, the "clock" visualization (based on the browsing history and web tracking hypothesis) was our main focus these past months. Dethe and Mavis, our developers, have been working hard on implementing our designs, in addition to building a website where people who use Collusion may upload their (anonymized!) data and contribute to building a big picture of the third parties that connect to us.

Eat St. Digital Cookbook

Celeste Martin

In this NSERC funded applied research project Invoke Media, a Vancouver-based digital agency specializing in Web, Mobile and social app development partnered with SIM Centre researchers Celeste Martin and Jonathan Aitken to develop an e-Cookbook for the television show, Eat St. on Food Network Canada. Eat St., is a fast paced show about food truck culture, showcasing the delicious street food and the interesting characters that run the carts. The project entailed creating and designing an e-Cookbook that would complement their existing app and showcase a series of curated recipes from season 03 of the show.

Invitation: Talk & Opportunities at GrowLab

Kate Armstrong


Please join us Thursday, April 18th at 2:30 pm for a talk with Adam Baker.

Adam is a product/UI/UX designer mentoring startups in Vancouver, and has worked at Google,, Apple, BlackBerry, and Marketcircle, a Mac business software startup. Adam will talk about GrowLab, Launch Academy and the future of design in internet startup culture. 

It is a rare opportunity to meet in a small group setting with Adam, see the GrowLab space in Gastown, learn about how to get involved with Emily Carr initiatives in interactive design and media research, and hear about immediate job openings and summer internships at GrowLab, Launch Academy, LX Ventures, and some of the companies-in-residence. 

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, the internet, and design, you will not want to miss this event. 


About Launch Academy and GrowLab 

Emily Carr @ SXSW

Kate Armstrong


We are the "higher education institute working on a social media survey". More about our project with Vision Critical here

Event: Shop Talk, Digital Download Vol.2

Kiran Lakhani


Kate Armstrong, the Director of the SIM Centre, and other industry pros share upcoming trends in the digital world. Hosted by She Says, this is a free event and not to be missed! More information about the organisation on









New Director for the SIM Centre

Kiran Lakhani

A note to introduce our new director Kate Armstrong who joined the SIM Centre in 2013. 

Visualizing Hypotheses: Deep time / Analytical


Each member of the visualization design team was assigned a hypothesis as a foundation for his or her development of visualizations. My hypothesis was to introduce the user to deep time, high level of details and an analytical tool targeted towards people and researchers with a keen interest in online tracking, people that wants to dive deeper into their data and see trends and patterns over time.

The user interface should give the user an opportunity to see how each tracker is behaving over time. This information includes what sites they connect to, how many connections points they have etc. The compositions were focused on giving the user the ability to change certain parameters as well as the order of the elements to find new and interesting patterns.

Happy Privacy Day! An Update from the Collusion Visualization Design Team


For the past several months, I have been leading a design team at Emily Carr and Mozilla with Mozilla's Collusion lead developer Dethe Elza to develop an interactive visualization layer for the Firefox Collusion Add-on. We're taking this opportunity on Data Privacy Day to give a progress report on the new design for Collusion visualization interface, especially since Mozilla has been named the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy in 2012.

Welcome to SIM Centre

The Social + Interactive Media Centre is a new research centre that supports a wide range of applied social, interactive and design projects. Funded by a 5-year grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the centre offers BC companies a way to tap the design, creative and technical expertise of Emily Carr faculty and students.