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Crowdsourcing 101 with partner Work at Play

SIM Centre partner Work at Play shared a great post summing up the best practices in crowdsourcing

The broad range of web-based tools that enable commenting, contributing and collaborating all helped pave the way for the crowdsourcing model. From the relatively straightforward acts of writing/editing Wikipedia and translating Facebook, through to setting briefs for scientists around the world, crowdsourcing seems to be able to offer a solution to just about any problem. 

A couple of key principles to bear in mind:

  • Start small: Try a crowdsourcing experiment within your company first, to see if it fits with your organization’s culture. 
  • Manage expectations: The 90:9:1 rule will likely apply - 90% consume, 9% comment, 1% contribute.

Read the whole post on the Work at Play blog.


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