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An overview of ebook design possibilities

This fall, Design professor Jonathan Aitken is teaching a 4th year communications design class on Next-generation Ebook Design. In this class, students will work with content teams to develop design prototypes for 5 different ebook titles. But before digging in, Jonathan asked them to orient themselves to the possibilities for ebook design by exploring the way current ebooks and apps tackle five different kinds of challenges:

  1. Usability, translation and contextual help
  2. User-generated content and annotatation
  3. Social and dynamic content
  4. Web and device integration
  5. Interactivity, location and game mechanics  

Students came back with intriguing examples of innovative approaches to each area, as well as their own sketches of possible functionality or design approaches. In this series we'll share highlights from their work, as well as links to the micro sites that each team created. Explore one area in-depth, or review all five to get your own crash course in the most exciting possibilities for ebook design.


Image from multi-device interaction
Sophie Halbert + Helen Lu + Karston Smith 

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