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Work at Play CEO David Gratton on the new Google+

Wondering how Google+ is going to change the social web? Check out these thoughts from David Gratton, CEO of SIM partner Work at Play:

Given that our attention is limited and many people have time to monitor only a couple of social networks during the day, I think Google+ represents a significant threat to Twitter, while Facebook is likely to feel little impact with the present offering.

David's assessment is based on the response he got when he sent out almost 500 Google+ invites. As he writes on the Work at Play blog, he got two different kinds of feedback, depending on the social media patterns of the people he emailed:

Those not on Twitter, but on Facebook - "I don't get it", "Why is this supposed to be better than Facebook?", "This is a waste of time". Their general emotional response was some level of either skepticism or outright dismissal.

Those who use Twitter regularly - "It's interesting, I need to play with it more", "This is great!". Many made no comment at all but were "in like Flynn" based on the volume of posts and comments they were making. Their general emotional response was somewhere between curiosity and excitement.

Have you tried Google+? How does it map onto your experience using Facebook or Twitter? Let us know here, or leave your comment on David's blog post on the Work at Play site.


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