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Blog - August, 2011

SIGGRAPH Exhibition: I have more pairs of 3-D glasses than I can handle

Jill Silva

After wandering around the labyrinthian exhibition hall of SIGGRPAH 2011, I chose one of the several couched areas to plunk down and take stock of my weighted swag bag (courtesy of SCAD.) Inside were several pairs of 3-D glasses, a few cases of free-trial 3-D animation software, a notebook, a porcelain Gilgamesh, a poster, a pin, a pencil, toy blocks, and a couple of brightly wrapped hard candies. A pretty good collection of loot. Other than the free papers and bits handed to me over the course of my meandering, seeing the spectacle of emerging technologies and animation companies was enough to make me very excited for animations and 3-D technologies to come.

Specifically the Autodesk exhibition, whose couches were always filled with eager sitters during their presentations. The presenter not only seemed well-versed in the program, but was also had an unwavering calm voice when describing the different elements of the interface, a nice contrast to more salesman-ish exhibits in the hall.


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