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Blog - February, 2012

3 reasons to check out the latest research on social media and food

Alexandra Samuel

Read the original post at 3 reasons to check out the latest research on social media and food.


In the past, ethnicity and family traditions dictated the foods we prepared; we bought our groceries at a neighborhood store; we learned our recipes from “mom” or a cookbook; and we ate our meals together around a table. In contrast, today social media introduces us to new tastes, cuisines and possibilities; we source food via multiple channels including restaurants and online, often basing our decisions on the recommendations of friends; we learn recipes and techniques from TV shows, websites, blogs and online videos; and it is normal to eat with computers, phones, televisions and, increasingly, alone and often without a table.


Back from Banff!

Jill Silva

After taking a brief hiatus from blogging and filming for SIMCentre (I still tweeted!),  I returned from an amazing first time experience at a workshop in Banff, Alberta at the gloriously equipped Banff Centre. It was a two-week excursion to the brisk rockies (-31' C the first night), part of the FVIM 300 internship course.


An Evening of Ebooks

Jill Silva

 Last fall, Emily Carr's Jonathan Aiken taught a design course on ebooks. The class then had a round-table discussion about their group projects with design faculty members Celeste Martin and Haig Armen, plus experts from the local design, tech and media community, including:

For a glimpse at the evening's highlights take a look at the video below. 


Welcome to the SIM Centre

The Social + Interactive Media Centre is a new research centre that supports a wide range of applied social, interactive and design projects. Funded by a 5-year grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the centre offers BC companies a way to tap the design, creative and technical expertise of Emily Carr faculty and students.