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Blog - April, 2012

How to crowdsource your Facebook Timeline

Alexandra Samuel

Read the original post at How to crowdsource your Facebook Timeline.

If you struggle to keep your Facebook Timeline dynamic and engaging, without creating what is simply a mirror of your Facebook or LinkedIn presence, the solution may not lie with you, but with your friends.

For the past few months, I’ve been running a private experiment in crowdsourcing the contents of my Facebook Timeline. Any tweet that somebody else has favorited gets cross-posted to Facebook, so that my Facebook Timeline reflects not only my Facebook life but also my Twitter life. (Yes, they are different.) It turns out that a decent cross-section of my tweets get favorited by somebody (though not every tweet gets favorited, by any means) so this is a good way of selecting just the more interesting tweets for permanent archiving on Facebook. And to keep even those from being tedious, I have them set so that they are only visible to me, and not to any of my friends.


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