Opening gifts (day 159)

It feels like Christmas eve pretty much every night now.  Every day there is something to look forward to.  Last night was the game, tonight was preview night at CODE Live 1.  Tomorrow is Opening Night for CODE Live.   And it goes on.  I picked up more tickets today:  for a choral evening at St-Andrews, and for the Cirque Eloize.

I wholeheartedly recommend going to see the CODE Live exhibitions.   There are three sites, CODE Live 1, 2 and 3.  CODE Live 1 is at the Great Northern Way Campus (GNWC).  CODE Live 2 is at Emily Carr.  CODE Live 3 is at the Public Library.  Some highlights from CODE Live 1:

  • Vested: Don Ritter - Traverse panoramas of cultural and political sites.  Wear a vest.  Blow them up.
  • Condemned Bulbes: Artificiel - Giant lightbulbs glow and buzz in a trance inducing electric space.
  • 787 Cliparts: Oliver Laric - Clipart of humans doing things, going by so fast it's like a lifetime of human diversity and passions in a minute.
  • Instant Places: Ian Birse, Laura Kavanaugh - Beautiful visuals of Canadian geography, processed and mixed.  A very restful and evocative piece to behold.  Made me love Canada all over again.

The space itself has been transformed for the exhibition and is quite interesting.  I loved the mural in the lounge.  I still don't know who created it.  It looks like a primordial soup of cellular organisms.

A song for this post.

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