The promise of compromise (day 189)

The search for a portable S3D continued yesterday and today.  Some incredibly useful people helped narrow down the search including Michael Verity, Vic Love, and Chris Lakes.  There is no perfect solution out there but in the interest of time and future intrepid field stereographers of the S3D Centre,  I had to make a decision.  I settled on a system by Inition which integrates lower end but narrow Sony HVR-A1 cameras on a side by side rig, a LANC sync method, and a 3D preview monitor.  The total weight should be around 30lbs but I'm missing some info to give a precise number.  I think this system will be a nice complement to the full-featured Kerner rig with Sony HDC-P1 cameras.

All this last minute shopping has made me realize how much I hate making decisions.  Yes, I'm a director and making decisions should be easy by now but sometimes knowing that there is no perfect solution is really heart-breaking.  Or knowing you don't have the right people for the job but strategically you still need to go ahead and hope the right people show up.  And seeing everyone else's press releases on the same things you are working on and wondering how you'll ever stand out in the crowd.  I find comfort in logistics but just like cooking, there's no point being precise without a plan for all the food to complement each other.  This is where a good team comes in.  And I do have a good team.  Shout outs to Rob Inkster, Alexandra Samuel, Dawn Whitworth, Lynn Leboe, Shannon McKinnon, Morgan Brayton, Simon Overstall, Rick Overington, and Bobbi Kozinuk!

A song for this post.

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