New design and creative thinking from MAA students at Emily Carr

Designing a compelling report on company's research achievements.

Writing a white paper on industry trends.

Brainstorming possibilities for transmedia gaming.

These are just a few of the ways that MAA students at Emily Carr have helped to drive the SIM Centre's applied research. And we're excited that this year's incoming MAA class has brought a fresh group of talented designers and artists into Emily Carr, and to the SIM Centre.

Here are some of the MAA students who recently presented their research interests, and who you will likely meet at future SIM events and presentations:

Katherine Soucie - Katherine continuously works towards developing new ways to modernize traditional textile techniques by producing textiles and clothing that are new and functional. Katherine believe that reinventing pre-existing materials raises our sense of awareness, appreciation, and expresses our need for individuality. Katherine looks forward to continuing the dialogue between garment & wearer, and between art and fashion during her MAA.

Myron Campbell - Media arts mogul, loves to draw and make his drawings move. He is currently working on a short film in 3SD with Micheal Boyce, and if you visit his site you will find one of the animations he has created from memory. Myron, in the Special Achievements Category, has just been nominated for "Interactive Designer of the Year" for Switch United, by the Georgia Straight.

Elisa Yon - Rooted in architecture, Elisa comes to Emily Carr to explore her curiosity and inherent need to question the world again. Concerned with memory, drawing, and collective idea sharing, Elisa brings a unique perspective to her Master's degree. To see how Elisa has mapped her memory of places she has lived and their memories, visit her blog.

Marten Sims - More than a Graphic Designer, aims to represent scientific information in a way that is much more accessible. He uses graphics merely as one of the tools with which to solve communication challenges. As an artist Marten is focused on the issues of communication, identification, and information. Marten's design and research practice explore the human interrelations of out-of-sight marine conservation.

Keep an eye out for more updates, new faces, projects and exciting news as we get to know all our Grads!


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