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Show + Tech: apps we love!

Ahh February - the month of of Apps that is! Kicking off the SIM Centre's Show + Tech series of 2011, our Valentine-themed: "Apps we Love."

Luring presenters with free candy, we hosted a slew of 2 minute presentations about favourite Apps for every device. A whole lot of sharing and geeking out, some of the highlights:

Path - a social networking App for iPhone that lets you tag photos and see your (select) friends' photos also!


Reactable - an interactive music-making beat-box table that, when played with, can create endless music and sounds, not to mention the awesome grahics. See a demo here 


Pulse - a free news reader for iPad. This easy to use interface lets you customize and share with a simple tap.


TeuxDeux - a great design-y schedule for your web browser. Drag and drop to keep everything timely and organized. The iPhone App is 2.99$ so you can sync your desktop and iPhone on the go!


4th Year Emily Carr Student Shelagh McLellan is designing HeadsUp: an App for youth in transition into adulthood, to be used as a touchpoint between patients and doctors in hospitals. A fun and interactive user-interface lets teens get comfortable with answering some of the harder questions. (Shelagh needs someone to write her App! Any takers?! Shoot her an email)

Every Time Zone - knowing what time it is across the globe is no longer an issue with this HTML5 web app - know when to schedule meetings with a simple drag of an icon. This is the future of where apps are going! Now if only they could attend the meetings for you... try it out here

Stay tuned for the next Show + Tech happening March 16th: Games Night!


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