Guard RFID Solutions

Founded by highly experienced industry veterans, Zahir Abji and Ally Mullani in 2007, Guard RFID Solutions Inc. was established to provide the most robust, reliable and least expensive Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and platform. We are driving the adoption of active RFID solutions with total cost of ownership (TCO) parity with passive solutions.

Our Argus technology platform was designed to create RF solutions for the protection, identification, tracking and location of people and assets in almost any type of environment. The execution of our vision began with the introduction of the smallest and lowest cost Active RFID Tags in the industry, offering the industry’s first affordable Disposable Infant and Patient Tags.

Due to our extensive experience in healthcare, we first launched the TotGuard solution for Infant Security, SafeGuard for Patient Protection and AllGuard for Asset Management. In mid 2008, we began deploying our Argus platform into the industrial space, expanding our reach into enterprise, warehouse, and unique use cases.

We have alliances with leading Systems Integrators. Our Argus Connector allows Systems Integrators and VARs to integrate their own software applications with our system quickly and with very little effort, thus rapidly creating solutions that suit their customer needs.


Radio tags go to the hospital

Prof. Jim Budd and ECUAD students are teaming up with local company GuardRFID to develop a tagging system using radio frequency identification (RFID) for BC Children's Hospital.